Lesbian Foot Worship Fetish


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Lesbian Foot Worship Fetish wants to rub her lips on the toes while her eyes are closed and her left hand is raised up in the air. She wears a blood-red long-sleeved shirt and a pair of faded jeans. Her hands are bare except for the silver ring placed on her middle finger. Her other hand supports the foot though her fingers seemed stretched out. Watching her every move is the blonde-haired lady that is lying on the huge-sized bed. She seemed to be enjoying the sensation she’s getting as shown by the smile on her face. Part of her head is supported by her hand which she places behind her head. With her striped gray shirt and dark blue jeans, she feels like she’s a queen.

Lesbian Foot Worship Amateur


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Lesbian Foot Worship Amateur places her mouth on the sole of the foot. She seemed to be exploring its soft and smooth feel as she holds it with her hand. She touches the ankle with the tip of her fingers and puts a little hardness in them in order to get a good grip. Leaning a little forward, she thrusts her weight down and supports herself by placing her hand on the scarlet sheet, allowing her fingers to sink in the covered mattress. Her partner may be lying down facing the bed and could probably be naked downward from the waist. She on the other hand decides to keep her black plunging dress as her mind is focused on something else.

Lesbian Foot Worship Threesome


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Lesbian Foot Worship Threesome shows three pairs of legs and three pairs of feet placed on top of each other owned by three grown-up girls lying on top of a wooden bed with mattress that is covered with a printed sheet. Two of them are next to each other while the third one faces them on the side of the bed. All are wearing jeans while their shirts come in colors such as black, sky blue, and khaki. Everyone seemed to be delighted with rubbing their feet together as they look at their faces and observe each one’s expression. It looks like a good day for a girls’ rub out.

Lesbian Foot Worship Solo


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Lesbian Foot Worship Solo lies down on the bed with grayish green printed sheet. Her mid section lays flat with her stomach touching the surface. Her body is a little bent upwards while her arms are crossed in front and her elbows touching the sheet. She likewise holds her upper arms and clasps them with her long fingers, probably getting some sensation out of it. Her legs are bent with her feet crossed and propped up in the air. She gives out a fixed gaze and let her shoulders feel her hair. The wooden bed looks enormous while the mattress seemed soft and comfy.

Lesbian Foot Worship Cute Lesbians


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Lesbian Foot Worship Cute Lesbians reaches out by bending her body as she places her lips on the heel while her mouth and tongue explore its soft pinkish skin. She holds the foot with one of her hands while she places the other on the sheet for that added support. Her golden locks with streaks of black are tied up on the back of her head while some strands fall freely on her face and cover one of her eyes a little bit. Her apple green sleeveless shirt matches the dark green stripes of the sheet. While both are wearing denim jeans, one accentuates it further with a thick dark brown belt.

Lesbian Foot Worship Sucking


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Lesbian Foot Worship Sucking is holding the foot with both of her hands while she sucks a toe with her mouth and moves her tongue around the tip. She gives a long and hard stare with her dark brown eyes that she highlighted with light gray eyeliner to give more accents and dark brown makeup pencil to add more volume to her fine eyebrows. She wears her hair up to her chin and combs it softly away from her face while the big round curls are left untouched thereby adding more character to her frame. Her black tattoo somehow complements her black sleeveless shirt while underneath she wears a pair of dark blue jeans.

Lesbian Foot Worship Licking


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Lesbian Foot Worship Licking is on a bed with light green sheet. She wears a black sleeveless shirt with a dark pinkish strip on her hips. Her dark brown shiny hair is pulled away from her face and tied up in a gray ponytail. A hint of tattoo can be seen on her arm. As she holds the feet with her hand, she places her mouth on the side and playfully licks the exposed skin. After placing her elbow on the sheet, she totally pushes her weight on it while her free hand seemed to be exploring the breast that is hiding underneath her garment.

Lesbian Foot Worship Toe Sucking


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Lesbian Foot Worship Toe Sucking is done so much better when one lies down on her back with the elbows touching the surface while the other is seated by bending her legs. She places all her weight down on the printed sheet with her knees bent and her feet tucked beneath her butt. While holding the foot with her manicured hands, she places her mouth on the toe and plays with it. Though her long chocolate brown hair is softly tied up, a few strands still manage to trickle down to her cheek while her shoulder nestles the end of her locks. Both wear shirts in varying hues of green. One wears a pair of khaki shorts while the other wears the same in denim material.

Lesbian Foot Worship Massage


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Lesbian Foot Worship Massage becomes easier when done on a soft bed with clean indigo sheets. The woman, in white spaghetti-strapped shirt and navy blue slacks with some distinct stripes, holds the pedicured foot with one hand while she uses the other to support the heel. Her eyes are closed and her face is clearly visible as her hair is pulled back from it. A small black tattoo is spotted on her upper arm. In the background, there is a stuffed head of a moose that is hanged between the windows. The white blinds are open revealing the green leaves of a tree.

Lesbia Foot Worship Bare Feet


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Lesbian Foot Worship Bare Feet lays down her body on the soft huge bed that has contrasting hues of green and twirling prints. Her hands are placed on her front with the elbows touching the sheet, sinking a little as they support her weight. Her head, covered with short scarlet red hair, is turned on her left. Though her hair covers her eye, the nose can still be noticed from the distance. She wears a white sleeveless shirt and pairs it with denim blue shorts. Her knees are bent as she raises her feet up in the air. Wearing nail polish in dark pink, her feet are crossed forming a simple v shape.